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Three fast Kiwi drivers – two different driving styles.

BRUCE_DESATThe late sixties – early seventies saw three talented New Zealand drivers compete in Formula 1 and other races: Bruce McLaren, Chris Amon and Denny Hulme. Of course Bruce McLaren, although killed tragically while testing a car, survives through the McLaren team and factory.

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Bruce McLaren entering the Gazomètre turn at Monaco in 1968.

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Going through my file of transparencies I found these pictures of Amon and Hulme at the same spot at the Gazomètre hairpin in Monaco in 1967. They show a marked difference in their driving styles: while Amon (Ferrari) makes the turn smoothly, as on rails,


Formula 1 driver Chris Amon of New Zealand driving a Ferrari at the Gazomètre hairpin at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1967.


Hulme (Brabham-Repco) throws his car in oversteer in the curve, controlling the slide by opposite lock (the front wheels turned the “wrong” way). The race was won by Hulme, who became world champion that year.


Formula One driver Denny Hulme driving his Brabham-Repco at the Gazomètre hairpin at the Grand Prix of Monaco in 1967. Hulme throws his car in oversteer in the curve, controlling the slide by opposite lock. Hulme won the race and was World Champion in 1967.


Denny Hulme at apex of Gazomètre turn at 1967 Monaco Grand Prix, which he won, Driving a Brabham with Repco engine.

This Grand Prix was marked by the tragic death of Lorenzo Bandini.

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Great Racing Cars and Drivers   by Charles Fox.  Grosset & Dunlap, Inc. and The Ridge Press, Inc., 1972

McLaren  50 Years of Racing    by Maurice Hamilton with Paul Fearnley.  Prestel, 2013.

McLaren 50 years


(This post was published last year on Facebook, and somehow I found that it was also published on Tumblr; I don´t remember why I didn´t publish it on WordPress. I transferred it from Tumblr, which probably explains why the images are only published as thumbnails)

Last year I was contacted by Maurice Hamilton, who remembered one of my images from years ago, and who found me through Google. Maurice is the author of the book McLAREN – 50 YEARS OF RACING. McLaren Racing invited me to submit photographs for the book McLAREN – 50 YEARS OF RACING which was launched this Friday at Monza  ( http://www.mclarenstore.com/en/restofworld/mclaren-heritage-books/50-years-of-racing/invt/mcl7131/  ) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the team by Bruce McLaren. They selected 14 of my photographs. Here are a few of them. Images of auto racing (Can-Am, Grand Prix, Le Mans; years 1966 through 1971) can be purchased from my website.