Daytona 200 motorcycle race 1968

1968… I was on a Greyhound bus going to Florida to photograph orange groves or the Everglades or whatever. Suddenly the driver shouted: Daytona! I remembered: Oh s**t, today is the motorcycle race, and it starts in 30 minutes. I jumped into a taxi to the speedway, went to the PR room where the guys knew me from the car races, they immediately gave me a pass. I had never photographed a motorcycle race so I had to look around for the best angles. Toward the end of the race the sun was already low and I noticed that shadow on the bank (the reflection on the windshield is accidental), so I took this picture. I didn´t even know it was this guy (Cal Rayborn on Harley Davidson) who was leading the race. I didn´t know anybody at CYCLE so back in New York I gave my film to the CAR AND DRIVER guys (from the same publishing house, Ziff-Davis) asking them to hand them to CYCLE. My picture became the lead picture of the article…

2 thoughts on “Daytona 200 motorcycle race 1968

    1. jjangoux Post author

      Lucky you! On my side, I own a part of Carlos Sainz (the father) VW Touareg body that fell in front of me after he overturned earlier in the Rally dos Sertões in Brazil in 2009 (pictures of him crossing a stream on my website).



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