McLaren 50 years


(This post was published last year on Facebook, and somehow I found that it was also published on Tumblr; I don´t remember why I didn´t publish it on WordPress. I transferred it from Tumblr, which probably explains why the images are only published as thumbnails)

Last year I was contacted by Maurice Hamilton, who remembered one of my images from years ago, and who found me through Google. Maurice is the author of the book McLAREN – 50 YEARS OF RACING. McLaren Racing invited me to submit photographs for the book McLAREN – 50 YEARS OF RACING which was launched this Friday at Monza  (  ) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the team by Bruce McLaren. They selected 14 of my photographs. Here are a few of them. Images of auto racing (Can-Am, Grand Prix, Le Mans; years 1966 through 1971) can be purchased from my website.

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