Aerial photography and bush pilots (1)

Short flights
This post won´t be about a specific pilots, but about some flights I took on small planes, during which I took pictures. All happened to be in Africa.
Aeria; view of Agadez, Niger, Africa. Tower at center left is mosque.

The first of these occurred in 1962 in Niger, where I went after finishing botanical field work In Burkina Faso (then Upper Volta). A mining company offered me a plane ride from In Abangarit in the Sahara desert, which I had reached by truck,  back to Niamey. We flew over the medieval Islamic Tuareg city of Agadez, a caravan passage center notable for its mosque (center left on photograph).
People of Africa

Another flight was offered by missionaries in Liberia after I had photographed Kpelle tribal life for a textbook company. I photographed two Kpelle villages, one village next to the Saint Paul River.

Deforestation: Timber at harbor at Owendo, Libreville harbor, Gabon, AfricaThe third occasional flight was in Gabon, where I took a short flight around the capital Libreville. On this flight I photographed floating logs ready for export in the harbor, witnesses to the destruction of the African rainforest.

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